Customer Acquisition: How to (Profitably) Gain New Customers for Your Business

paper woman walking through paper cityFor many business owners, sales can be unpredictable and gaining new customers can feel like a game of chance. If you want to grow your business consistently and profitably, you need to think of customer acquisition not as an outcome but as a process. Here’s an in-depth look at the customer acquisition equation, including how to calculate customer acquisition cost and 7 strategies you can try.


How a Blog Became a Physical Store in Two Years

Tea leaves displayed on a white background.

Nat Elison decided to test out his content marketing skills from running his own marketing agency by launching his own blog. As a longtime tea lover, Nat started Cup & Leaf to blog about all things tea. He publishes on a consistent schedule, reworks content to rank higher on search, and curates products for the online store. Since the launch of Cup & Leaf in early 2018, the website now sees 250,000 monthly visitors and brings in $5000 in monthly revenue. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from Nat Elison on how he built a successful blog, grew organic traffic, and is turning the Ecommerce business into a physical store. 


How A Domain Created Credibility

Shopping for some pricy speakers got Andrew Lissimore looking into buying them directly from the manufacturer. After scoring a pricing sheet, Andrew realized there’s a healthy margin and an opportunity to sell online. When his first sale came in a few weeks later, Andrew knew he was onto something. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn how Andrew Lissimore got the domain for, how he scored a feature on CNET, and what him to pivot into headphones from speakers. 


Overdraft: Starting Over—and Making Caramels—from Scratch

Portrait illustration of Rowena Montoya, the founder of Julie Ann Caramels, wearing a peach shirt and eye glasses. Rowena and Frank Montoya lived a comfortable life until 2009, when the couple was forced to sell everything and start from scratch. While living on a fraction of the duo’s former income, Rowena turned her homemade caramels into a successful business. Here, she shares their story of starting from scratch—and what motivates them to keep going.


How A $15 Million Company Was Built On Personal Messages

Two golf clubs being displayed by a man wearing baseball cap and golf shirt.

While most people enjoy a few rounds of golf on the weekend, Tyler Sullivan became obsessed with the game and wanted to achieve the longest drive. Along the way, Tyler got custom clubs and drivers made that ended breaking so he started to make his own. Realizing that others might face the same frustration, Tyler started BombTech Golf and began selling the clubs and divers he made.  Today, BombTech Golf is a $15 million company and Tyler credits personal responses, comments, and emails for his success.